Zeeshan Maqsood takes a blinder against Ireland

Zeeshan Maqsood takes a blinder against Ireland


Zeeshan Maqsood of Oman has taken the best catch of World T20 so far. Though this game is a qualifier but still the man showed his energy and commitment and registers his magnificence in the field. It was referred to the third umpire for the final call.

This catch was taken in the first half of the Ireland batting. Stirling started to look dangerous as he was starting to hit the ball hard. This ball from off-spinner Kaleem bowled this one a bit full to Stirling. The ball had zero spins on it.

Stirling wanted to hit the ball on the off side much left to the covers fielder Zeeshan Maqsood. But Stirling did not hit the ball in the gap. It was pretty much closer to the fielder but Zeeshan had to pull a long dive to get his hand on this one.

Zeeshan was air born when the ball hit the palm of his left hand. The ball stuck in and Zeeshan completed the catch. Stirling could not believe his eyes and he did not move. He thought that the ball might have touched the grass on the way down.

The ball was not hitting the grass because when the two on-field umpires referred the decision to the third umpire the soft signal given to him was out. The third umpire after looking into several replays gave that out. This was an exceptional take by Zeeshan. He caught the ball well and after hitting the ground made sure that the ball does not touch the grass.