Zalmi Cup final, Imran Khan first 3 balls and 3 fours

Zalmi Cup final, Imran Khan first 3 balls and 3 fours


In the finals of the Zalmi cup things became pretty interesting when local hero and test fast bowler Imran khan took the new ball in his hands. His teams were already in a good position after making 200 plus runs in the first innings.
We all know that in a t20 game if a team puts 200 runs on the board while batting first then it clearly means that they get more than half of the game because of the pressure of the runs.

Imran Khan had the upper hand here as well. He came into bowl and a massive swing was ready to welcome him. The first ball was a wide own the leg side. Imran pitched the ball within the line of the stumps but after hitting the deck the ball swung away from the batsman.

It kept going on the leg side and ended up beating the wicketkeeper as well. The ball was a good one from Imran as it hit the batsman on the thigh pad but the deflection from the body took the ball to the deep fine leg for second four in the over.

Imran then had to alter his line for the third time and this time he beat the batsman who tried to give him a charge. This time, again the late swing from Imran took the ball away from the diving wicketkeeper and resulted in the third boundary of the over.

The interesting part was that three fours were gathered by the team but none of these three boundaries came off the bat. This might have hardly happened before that in any game you could see three fours at the start without being bat involved.