Yusuf Pathan aggressive batting against Ashwin in IPL

Yusuf Pathan aggressive batting against Ashwin in IPL


Just when there were chances created by the weather for Rising Pune Super Giants to win the game against Kolkata Knight Riders, Yusuf Pathan tarnished every dream of the RPSG with his big bat. Yusuf’s 37 runs changed the end results of the game and KKR won it at the end.
It was a gloomy night and rain was just about to come down any second. The match was started and Pune batted first. Once again the batting line for Pune flopped big time and there was hardly any batter who could have stayed for longer at the wicket.
The whole team was knocked out for just 103 runs. Pune bowled well and took the two KKR openers early. At that stage, KKR needed a blast with the bat which can help them get the run rate as per the D/L method.

That boost was given by Yusuf Pathan who hit a 37 runs innings and remained not out. He hit 4 fours and 3 sixes. his 18 balls 37 put KKR on the top against Pune in the run rate.

The biggest over for Yusuf came against the best bowler from Pune, R Ashwin. Ashwin was thrown out of the park on almost all the balls in that over. Yusuf was just eyeing the vast area between deep square leg and long on.

He hardly hit anything on any other side than the side. Yusuf wagon wheel was clearly suggesting that he was targeting everything on the leg side. Ashwin was the bowler against whom he started hitting out and then remained like so until the end.