West Indies Women Celebrate their WT20 win with Darren Sammy

West Indies Women Celebrate their WT20 win with Darren Sammy


If Kohli was lucky in the first innings surviving three easy runs out chances then Simmons was even luckier in the second innings. He was out twice and twice it ended up being called a no ball and the third time his hit ended up as six after being caught at the boundary.

The West Indies needed some luck desperately and today the luck factor struck out a lot for both the teams. West Indian Simmons landed in India yesterday and today he was in the squad and his 89 not out gave West Indies their second final of the World t20.

The first chance for Simmons was against Ashwin. He was caught brilliantly by Bumrah at short third man but when the on-field umpire check for a no ball it turned out to be one.

The second one again involved Ashwin, this time, he was the catcher at covers. Pandya, this time, was the bowler who bowled a full toss and Simmons hit it straight into the hands of Ashwin. But again when the landing foot was checked, it was over the line.

At the end, it has Simmons and Russell who crushed the Indian bowling and chased down 191. After the win, there was the Champion song and dance all around. From the ground to the hotel. The West Indian team reached the hotel playing the Champion song and dancing over it. Bravo and Sammy were leading the team. The fans were present to welcome their heroes. The scenes were delightful as the West Indians showed their true magic last night.