West Indies controversial win against Zimbabwe, final moments

West Indies controversial win against Zimbabwe, final moments


What we have seen moments ago should most probably be an eye-opener for many in the ICC and cricket fraternity. West Indies won the crucial game to advance into the quarterfinals but the way they achieved this victory is a big question mark on the sports ethics now. West Indian bowler Paul started running towards the bowling end as Zimbabwe were required 2 runs to win the game with final pair present on the wicket. Now Ngarava was standing at the non-strikers end and he had no plans of taking an extra advantage of leaving the crease and sneaking a single.

Paul came running in and he did not bowl and took the bails off. Now here it was evident that unit Ngarava but Paul had the plan in mind to take the bails off before delivering the ball just to take a chance if he hits then West Indies might get away with the game. Now Zimbabwe was unlucky that Ngarava had his bat on the line when the bails went off. Paul made an appeal for a run out and stunned the whole world but this was not enough. West Indian captain Hetmyer went with the bowler and the two umpires referred the decision to third umpire.

Now as per the law, it was out and the third umpire had to give that out and West Indies won the game. The spirit of the game losses in the center as West Indies was celebrating their win. This is such a shameful act from West Indies.