Watch: Nasir Jamshed TROLLed by PTV for taking a catch

Watch: Nasir Jamshed TROLLed by PTV for taking a catch


Watch: Nasir Jamshed TROLLed by PTV for taking a catch: Pakistan opening batsman Nasir Jamshed though is a handy contender with the bat, it is a known fact that he is a really lazy chap on the field. We have seen him spill sitters and giving an extra run away is a regular occurrence on the field for him. So when someone who is as hopeless as that as a fielder grabs a good catch, this video describes exactly how.

This has come from a Pakistani news channel PTV who uploaded this video on YouTube. Picked from the Pakistan vs UAE match, it is from a Shahid Afridi over, the 38th over of the UAE innings Shaiman Anwar batting on 62 from 87 balls decided to charge the leg-spinner.

With the experience Afridi has, Anwar could not get to the pitch of the ball so even after using his feet to reach out could not connect the ball perfect enough to sail over the fielder. The batsman was disappointed for his shot as he could see the fielder getting underneath it.

With that the scene in the video switches to a Bollywood movie from 2001, named Lagaan. The scene is of the best batsman from the opponent team hitting one into the air and it goes to the worst (excuse us for using the extreme) fielder in the team. The look that everyone had in the movie was of a bit of early disappointment anticipating he might drop it; with immense hope and prayers being put behind it.

It plays out with striking similarities to the expression Afridi and the entire Pakistan team wore on their faces, and as it happens in the movie, the fielder grabs it when was least expected to do so. An important catch for the team and everyone erupts into hifi’s, jumps, hugs and the celebration begins.

An Indian channel doing so would have drawn criticism but when a Pakistan new channel chose to do so, all Nasir Jamshed and other fans could do was face palm.

Watch: How people react when Nasir Jamshed takes a good catch: