Watch: Mumbai gets ready for the Gayle storm in the new Mauka-Mauka...

Watch: Mumbai gets ready for the Gayle storm in the new Mauka-Mauka video


As Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium gets ready for the big semi-final showdown between India and West Indies, YouTube channel ‘V Seven Pictures’ has released their own version of ‘Mauka Mauka’ video.

The video is amusing and a great build-up for the big game which is set to commence in a couple of days. The Mauka-Mauka series of adverts by Star Sports has been a rage among fans and cricketers. It’s popularity has made other imitate the theme and support their team in an unique manner.

The video begins with a West Indies fan asking a Bhelpuri vendor for Wankhede Stadium’s route. The vendor obliges and tells him the route. The vendor suggests that he should take a taxi to the venue as it is quite far. The Windies fan thanks him for the help and starts leaving. But, the vendor, looking for business, insists him to have bhelpuri before leaving. The guy agrees.

The vendor begins a conversation as he prepares the bhel.

Vendor asks, “Kaha se aaye ho bhaiyya?” (From where are you coming?)

“West Indies,” the West Indies fan answers.

The vendor takes the conversation further and asks, “Match dekhne aaye hai kya?” (You have come here to watch the match?)

The West Indies supporter gives a very confident reply, “Jeetne aaye hai aur jeet ke hi jayenge” (We have come here to win)

This reply fuels the vendor who appears to a true blue Indian cricket teams fan. The vendor, with a vengeful look in his eyes, looks on at the man while spicing the bhel without any limit.

The West Indies fan continues to boast. He says that the team has Gayle and he creates a storm whenever he enters the cricket field. The vendor finishes making the bhel gives it to the West Indies fans as he continues boasting about his team.

He takes a bite into it while still talking continuously. The bhel fires his mouth and the Windies fanboy starts hopping at his place asking or water as the video ends.

Tournament hosts India and the strong West Indies take on each other on March 31 at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

Watch: Mumbai gets ready for the Gayle storm in the new Mauka-Mauka video