Waqar Younis bursts out at PCB management

Waqar Younis bursts out at PCB management


Pakistan cricket head coach Waqar Younis finally has burst out. In his recent press conference, he has lashed out at the Pakistan cricket board (PCB) management. Waqar was furious over the leaking of the report that he submitted to the PCB management.

Waqar said that he submitted the report to the management yesterday and today he gets to know that the report has been leaked to the media. Waqar immediately called in a press conference and he spoke all the truth.

Waqar said that PCB has this much politics that he is sure that in the parliament there will not this much politics. Waqar said that how come his report has been manipulated like this. There are so many things that he did not write and as per media are part of his report.

The report has been fabricated and then leaked. He said that there was no answer given to him on it. Waqar said that neither PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan nor Najam Sethi met him. He was just called in and was asked about the report.

Waqar said that those people who are saying that Imran Khan is involved in this mess somehow are totally wrong. He said that Imran Khan is like my father and he has always backed him up. This all has nothing to do with Imran Khan.

Waqar said that he will try to reach the Prime Minister and would ask him to look into the politic being done in the PCB. Waqar said that Pakistan cricket needs cleaning up. There are people who are doing a lot of politics and this all should be stopped immediately.