Virat Kohli overtakes MS Dhoni in brand endorsements

Virat Kohli overtakes MS Dhoni in brand endorsements


Virat Kohli slammed 82 off 51 balls to hand India a victory that took them into the semifinal of the World T20 2016. Apart from becoming the sweetheart of Indian people, Kohli has also become the apple of the eye of many brand managers. A recent report suggested that the Indian vice-captain has overtaken skipper MS Dhoni to become the most marketable person in Indian cricket.

The 27-year olds brand manager has said that Kohli signs contracts for a longer period as compared to the likes of Sachin Tendulkar.

“Kohli signs contracts for about 3 days with per day charge of Rs 2 crore, equivalent to cricket legend, Sachin. Brands utilises those three days in photo shoots, press briefings along with other appearances,” said a brand consultant who negotiates with Kohli’s brand manager on behalf of advertisers.

It has also been said that Virat Kohli signs brand endorsements for more than a year as opposed to skipper MS Dhoni.

“Most of Virat’s deals are over two years. Dhoni’s majority of deals are for a year. We are not encouraged to hire Virat for a short term contract, considering his age and stage in career. However, while Dhoni is a commendable player, we generally invest on per year contracts,” said a marketing head at an international firm.

“Such swagger and personality to show his emotions clearly attract youth. Hence, he is a perfect fit for most of the brands,” said Indranil Das Blah, chief operating officer, CAA KWAN.

In 2013, Kohli had inked Rs 10-crore per annum deal with German sports goods giant Adidas. Other bouquets of brands include MRF, Pepsi, Audi, Vicks, Boost, USL, TVS, Smaash, Nitesh Estate, Tissot, Herbalife, and Colgate.