Virat Kohli 2 overs spell against West Indies

Virat Kohli 2 overs spell against West Indies


Virat Kohli came into the mind of Dhoni at a stage when India needed a wicket and Dhoni’s usual bowlers were struggling against the likes of Charles ad Simmons. The reason Dhoni threw the ball to Kohli was the luck factor which is clearly with Kohli these days.

Last night Kohli escaped three easiest of run out chances and Dhoni thought that getting Kohli in might change things in his team’s favor. The decision immediately paid off went Kohli took out Charles on the very first ball of his spell.

It was a leg cutter which Kohli often bowls and Charles did not manage it well enough. It was a cross bat slog from him that did not hit the ball as per the desire of Charles. An outside edge took the ball to the lap of Sharma at long off.

Kohli remained a major success in his first over and he was taken out from the attack by Dhoni. The job was done and hence, the Indian skipper wanted his first-hand bowlers to do the trick and take some more wickets at that stage.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Russell and Simmons stood tall and faced all the opposition and as a result, the game went into the last over and once again Kohli was given the ball. This time, however, the mighty Russell was inclined to change everything. A four and huge six in that final over gave West Indies a major win and a second final in the World T20 after 2012.