U19 WC, Kamindu Mendis bowls with both his hands against Pakistan

U19 WC, Kamindu Mendis bowls with both his hands against Pakistan


Kamindu Mendis is one of the best Under-19 players in the Srilankan team and there is more than one reason for him being this best. He bats at number 3 for Srilanka and under pressure situations he has performed well for his side.

Kamindu Mendis today came out to bat against Pakistan when his team had lost both the openers quickly courtesy some exceptional bling by the Pakistan seamer. His 68 gave Srilanka the hope to go against the Pakistan total.

But this is not about his batting here we are talking about. It is more about his bowling because he is a unique player and bowler having the abilities to bowl with both his hands. Kamindu is a right arm off spinner and at the same time he is a left arm orthodox spinner as well. Against Pakistan Kamindu showed his talent as he bowled from both his hands. Against the left-handers, Kamindu bowled in as a right arm spinner to get the turn from the wicket and capitalize the away movement.

Against the right-handers, Kamindu bowled from his left hand. Kamindu hardly gets anything to spin away yet the talent he executed was special. Kamindu bowled the balls and Pakistan batsmen were picking him up for an average number of singles.

Now Pakistan is in a strong position to win the game. They have taken down Srilankan wickets and now as the game reaches into the final stages Pakistan as compared to Srilanka have more chances. Let’s see what happens.