Two lbw shouts against Misbah, Younis Khan controversy case

Two lbw shouts against Misbah, Younis Khan controversy case


Younis Khan as we all know is no more part of the KPK tam taking part in the Pakistan Cup. The veteran test player withdrew his name after was penalized for 100% match fee by the match referee after the game against Federal ended. There were two lbw appeals against Misbah in the game between Federal and KPK, with time the umpire did not give the out and that irked Younis Khan. The first one was pretty close and it almost looked certain out.

Younis criticized these decisions and as a result, the match referee took action against him. Younis is a serious player and leaving a national tournament like this is not a good example set by him. As for the two appeals, the first one came off the bowling of Asghar. It was an arm ball and after pitching on the line of the stumps it went straight. Misbah was very much forward with his leg and he tried to play the ball with his bat.

The ball hit his pad and a huge appeal was made by the KPK bowler and wicket keeper. The second appeal was made by Yasir Shah. This time, Misbah played the sweep and missed it completely, the ball again hit him on the pads and the umpire gave it a not out.

This one had some doubts as the ball was spinning away from the stumps so there are chances that it could miss the wickets. But the first one was very much close and could have been given out as well. Younis did not like both the decisions and he protested against them as well.