Top 3 best catches in World T20 qualifiers so far

Top 3 best catches in World T20 qualifiers so far


If we take a look at all the catches taken in the World T20 there are three exceptional takes that have been nominated as the best catches were taken in the tournament so far. The first was taken by Zeeshan Maqsood from Oman.

This catch was taken in the qualifier between Oman and Ireland. The batsman Stirling hit a full-blooded off the drive to the left of Zeeshan standing at the covers. The ball was hit from the middle of the bat and it was travelling at the speed of knots.

Zeeshan had little time to react to the shot. He dived to his left and hope for a very hard taking with his left hand. It was the timing of his dive that did the trick. He was able to get to the ball in the air and then caught it with his left hand.

The second catch was taken by Michael Leask at the boundary line in today’s game between Zimbabwe and Scotland. This was another good shot but failed to reach the destination. Mutumbami hit the ball from the bottom of the bat but still made it near to the ropes.

Leasks tried to grab the ball in the first attempt but failed but then immediately went for another try and this time, he managed o grasp the ball with one hand inches away from the fence.

The third take was given by Sikandar Raza in the same game.Sikandar like Zeeshan Maqsood took a one-handed blinder at short covers. He was too air born and grabbed a full blooded off drive from the Scot land batsman. With plenty of matches to come, this list will prolong for sure.