Top 10 Batsmen with highest strike rate in ODIs

Top 10 Batsmen with highest strike rate in ODIs


Gone are the days when you were deemed good enough for ODI cricket while scoring 50 or more runs with a 70+ strike rate. Today pacing up your innings is key to survive in international cricket and strike rates are key in determining it.

The swiftness in the batsman’s approach and his acceleration as he gets set have now become the pillars of judgement for batting in limited overs cricket. The T20s have played a vital role in setting such high standards for briskness while batting.

We have had some destructive power hitters and pinch hitters in our era. Their batting has left us wondering as if there’s any limit for the level of rapidness. Here we have a list of the batsmen with the best strike rates in One Day Internationals with a limit of having scored at least 3000 runs spanning their career.

10. Shane Watson (90.44)

Shane Watson has had multiple career highlights to underline his value to Australian cricket in all formats. He has got the natural ability to provide power packed hitting and has been proven as a potential match winner for the Poms. With a strike rate of 90.44, having scored 5757 runs, Shane Watson starts our countdown list at No.10 with the best strike rate.