Sidhu Speaks harshly against match referee

Sidhu Speaks harshly against match referee


Navjot Singh Sidhu is known as a very polite guy from the Indian cricket. In his playing days, he used to be a very much polite and let is bat do the talking and even after he retired he kept hi calmness within him. Sidhu also has a great sense of humor.

But then again there are times when a man loses its patience. There is always a time in the life of every common man when the ears started to turn red. In the life of Sidhu there once came a time when he absolutely lost control and his words became real hard.

Here Sidhu is seen furious over some decisions made by the match referee and, as a result, he opened up against him on a TV show. Sidhu was really angry as he spoke a few really harsh lines as well.

This is one of the cases when the world saw him in anger. Most recently he was heavily criticized for speaking of the Bangladesh cricket team. In fact in Bangladesh people used to look upon him as a racist. This is something that should not have happened in the first place.

But then again cricketers hardly thing before they speak. To become a cricketer you need talent and management. But there is hardly a time when we see a place of intellect coming out of the cricketers. This is one of those times when players like Sidhu lose their temper as well. Despite that fact that Sidhu is a renowned figure and people love him for his commentary on the game of cricket.