Shoaib Akhtar Fatest Ball 100 mph to Nick Knight

Shoaib Akhtar Fatest Ball 100 mph to Nick Knight


On this day, 13 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa the Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar broke made a record of bowling the fastest ball in the history of cricket. Shoaib clocked 161.3 kmph which also is referred as 100.1 mph. In those days, Shoiab Akhtar and Australian pacer Bret Lee has very tight competition among themselves to be nominated for being the world’s fastest bowler and Shoaib took a huge lead in this competition after bowling this ball.
This ball was bowled to former English opener Nick Knight who played it on the leg side. The ball looked as a very much ordinary one and only when the speed gun showed the results on the large screen then people realized that it was the fastest one ever bowled.

Shoaib did not notice much of all this but the crowd immediately started cheering Shoaib after they witnessed the speed. Pakistan lost that game and went out of the World cup 2003. But Shoaib surely wrote his name in the history books.

He batted well under some tough conditions and pressure in that game. He made his highest batting score in an ODI game that night. Pakistan failed to play the swing bowling of James Anderson who rattled the top order of Pakistan single-handedly. This was not the only time Shoaib clocked a 100 mph ball. He bowled another one to Kiwi player Craig McMillan and that one took had a lot of pace behind it. This is the reason that we see MccMillan saying that he knows how it feels to face a 100 mph delivery. Shoaib was truly a hero for Pakistan cricket.