Sharjeel Khan 4,4,4,6 in one over Against New Zealand

Sharjeel Khan 4,4,4,6 in one over Against New Zealand


Sharjeel Khan is taking the New Zealand team to the cleaners. He has smashed McClenaghan for three fours and a huge six in one over and with this Pakistan has crossed their fifty with that massive hitting from Sharjeel Khan.

Sharjeel Khan is giving Pakistan the start they needed and he is taking it against all the New Zealand bowlers. He has hit three fours and one six here and with that things are pretty clear for the New Zealand.

Pakistan is not going to sit back and look at them. The retaliation is there. Sharjeel Khan and Ahmad Shahzad wanted to get the ball hit out of the park in most of the balls and they are doing it.

Pakistan did not bowl well in the first innings but now they are getting their act together. Afridi and his men needed to fire with the bat and they are doing it. Pakistan batting is good and it goes deep as well. the first 6 overs will be crucial for Pakistan.

If Pakistan takes the advantage of the first 6 overs then things will get easy for them and if not then they will be under pressure for the final half. So for Pakistan, the firs half is important here. they ned some quick runs and they have gotten them.

The partnerships will matter and the strikes rates will matter. Pakistan has to win this one to stay in the world t20. They will not be out if they lose but still to strengthen their chances for the final four Pakistan will have to win this important game. the wicket will help the batters and so they can even get in from here as well.