Shahid Afridi Vs Chris Gayle in Bouncy Ball Challenge

Shahid Afridi Vs Chris Gayle in Bouncy Ball Challenge


Shahid Afridi vs Chris Gayle bouncy bat ball competition was a great amusement to watch for the fans. The West Indies all-rounder came in direct competition with Pakistani Star. Both are famous for hitting big sixes and scoring quick runs. However, bouncing the ball on bat was something different to do.

Chris Gayle had to bounce the ball first of all in the competition. He was not the only one representing West Indies. Many other fellow countrymen of him were also competing in the competition. Similarly, Shahid Afridi was also not the only one from Pakistan. He was also accompanied by other young cricketers as well.

However, Chris Gayle was successful ion bouncing the ball for six times only. The dashing all-rounder of West Indies dropped the ball and started making challenging gestures towards Shahid Afridi and others. Afridi was very much sure as well that he will break the record of Gayle and bounce ball more than him.

Starting very confidently, Shahid Afridi reaches the count at six and suddenly dropped the ball at the same number where Chris Gayle had. Both players were equal on six and someone else had to go beyond them to win the competition. It was than another gentleman from West Indies comes with a passion to beat them both.

Chanderpaul of West Indies did a heroic job to cross both with score of seven. No one else was able to cross Chanderpaul as well to claim victory in the competition. Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle were second in the bouncy ball competition.