Shahid Afridi Spins tape Ball on Tennis Table

Shahid Afridi Spins tape Ball on Tennis Table


Shahid Afridi has surprised everyone once again spinning the ball on table tennis board. The Pakistan Twenty20 captain was spending his time with friends at a local sports complex the other day. It was very surprising for everyone to see Shahid showing class of spinning the ball on the table.

Afridi also played a few games of table tennis in the sports complex. He was has just arrived back from Dubai after losing in the world Cup matched. Shahid had not came straight back to Pakistan from India. He was feeling very much up set on bad performance by his team.

Shahid Afridi had been playing table tannins in the sports complex when some fans and friends surrounded him. One several questions about spin bowing, Shahid showed them a few tricks to spin the ball. Even using a tape ball, Pakistan captain was brilliantly in controlling and delivering. His class can measured with amount of spin a tape ball was getting in wooden floor.

A large number of fans also wanted to play table tennis with Shahid Afridi for some time. However, due to big number of youngsters in the sports complex, everyone did not get a chance. Shahid though tried his best to amuse everyone with his spin bowling tricks on the table. It was a big pleasure for everyone in the complex finding the cricket star between them.

After playing some games of Table Tannins, Shahid also visited other parts in the sports complex. He often visits the complex during his spare time from the cricket matches. Getting retirement form the international cricket, Afridi has all the spare time to spend with friends and family.