Shahid Afridi sixes compilation in World T20 2016

Shahid Afridi sixes compilation in World T20 2016


Shahid Afridi is one man in Pakistan cricket whose story is hard to believe. With all the criticism e has gathered around himself for so many years now, he still is a hero for many of the Pakistanis. Afridi is a phenomenon for many cricket fans.

In the recent World t20, Pakistan and Afridi both had a poor show. Afridi who was once famous for his hard hitting abilities is now having a lot of troubles in getting t ball over the ropes. The age factor and the harsh demanding game nature are the two reasons for his downfall.

Afridi is lacking his all-round abilities now. He is not bowling well and also there is issues ith his batting as well. in the past, we have seen him hitting sixes in the almost eery game but now in the four games that he has played in the World T20, he managed just a few.

Afridi is not retiring for the moment. he is still thinking about playing for some time more. He will definitely be not the captain of the side now. Pakistan will be led by someone else, ho is another question for his moment.

Afridi needs to call it off now as per some of fans and critics. It is time for him to give his place to any other youngster. This is a rational appeal that people are making from him. it has been really long that we have witnessed a match winning performance from him. there are just a few and the most recent one was against Bangladesh in the World T20.