Shahid Afridi showers Rain of Giant Sixes in Street Cricket

Shahid Afridi showers Rain of Giant Sixes in Street Cricket


It was one of several games of street cricket when Afridi had showered rain of Giant Sixes. The Pakistani all-rounder was always famous for hitting big sixes even before he had come into the Pakistan team. However, ability to hit sixes did not brought him into the national team.

He has hit many giant sixes in very first game played for Pakistan. Afridi was playing street cricket and become an international player all of a sudden. Coming in to the nation team he has become most famous all-rounder in the international circuit. He has not been famous in the Pakistani cricket fans but fans all around the globe loves him equally.

Shahid Afridi has more fans all over the world than any other cricketer. His popularity does not drop even he has not played well. Many times Afridi does not hit giant sixes in the match but even than gets appreciation of fans. His fans always give him respect and appreciation in the games of all formats. Afridi has also amused his fans always with tremendous batting.

Sometimes, fans only come to the ground to watch the giant sixes of Shahid Afridi. Not only are the fans of cricket always in the stadiums in matches to watch the game of Afridi. If he does not hit sixes, he bowls well and takes wickets to win the matches for his team.

Shahid Afridi was only a street cricketer and became an international hero with love of his fans. His fans have taken him to heights of glories because of his game. His giant sixes has won several crucial matches for Pakistan as well.