Shahid Afridi Rides Heavy Bike in Rainy Weather

Shahid Afridi Rides Heavy Bike in Rainy Weather


Boom Boom Afridi was spotted enjoying bike riding in heavy rain on the roads of Karachi. The star cricketer was outside of his home with friends enjoying the cloudy weather. He took his heavy bike and started to run fast on the roads.

Like cricket, Boom Boom Afridi took high risk while riding on heavy bike in rain and he enjoyed it a lot. He was driving the vehicle very smoothly without using protection gadgets. His friends and brothers were also there recording the visuals of this adventure.

Shahid Afridi came back to home after long tour and he just wanted to have fun with friends and family. So he decided to ride heavy bike in cloudy and rainy weather. Although there was high risk involved in the adventure but everyone knew his nature.

So no one asked him to postponed his plan of riding heavy bike in rainy weather on slippery roads of the city. They encouraged and enjoyed the situation with Boom Boom Afridi instead of sitting inside home. The adventuress nature of Shahid Afridi brought success for him.

The star cricketer never listen to anyone when he decides to go all out. Therefore, it is very hard to argue with Boom Boom Afridi on and off the field.