Shahid Afridi Plays Incredible Inning in Hong Kong Super Sixes

Shahid Afridi Plays Incredible Inning in Hong Kong Super Sixes


Hong Kong Super Sixes tournament is known for small ground, powerful hitters and massive sixes to entertain the spectators. All test status teams including the home side participate every year in the tournament and public witnesses the great hitting of great batsmen. Few years ago Shahid Afridi, former skipper of Pakistan cricket team participated in Hong Kong Super Sixes and made a great impact in the tournament. Green shirts needed 82 runs on 24 balls while Boom Boom just came on to crease.

Star cricketer did not had much choice but to go after the bowlers on every ball. So he started from the very first ball and smashed the ball out of the park. The all-rounder hit few sixes with one hand on the handle of the bat but still had enough power behind it.

Boom Boom Inning

Boom Boom Afridi was representing all stars team in Hong Kong Super Sixes and he exposed the weak bowling attack of the opponents. The small ground helped the cricketer to cross the boundary line easily and he did not use much power.

Shahid Afridi played few miss hits but all of them went out of the park due to small ground. The fielding team could only use six fielders due to rules. Therefore Hong Kong Super Sixes is considered much entertaining tournament as compare to T20 matches.