Shahid Afridi meets road singer in Governor’s house

Shahid Afridi meets road singer in Governor’s house


Those who have been watching the Pakistani media would remember that Rikshaw driver who stunned everyone with his voice. This guy was asked to sing a classical song and he did it. His passenger recorded his voice.

He later posted it on the social media pages and from there it got it. The electronic media noticed the new trend and they too gave this singer a part in their news.

This singer got the fame and soon his name was taken by Lata Mangeshkar and Daler Mehndi. Daler even asked this singer to visit India so that he can gift him a flat for a living.

Now the news is that the singer was invited to the Governor’s house by the Governor himself and Shahid Afridi was also present there. Shahid Afridi met the local star.

The footage shows Afridi sitting to the left of this singer and listening to the beautiful classic song by this singer.

This shows that Afridi has a high regard for local talent and it doesn’t matter to him from which field this talent is coming. In the past, we have seen Shahid Afridi doing a lot of different projects for the new talent showing up in Pakistan.