Shahid Afridi and Dhoni post-match talk

Shahid Afridi and Dhoni post-match talk


Pakistan has finished up their batting and they have managed to get 118 on a wicket where at one stage it looked as if they will not be able to get even 100 despite having wickets in hands. Again a poor wicket is what we are witnessing at the Eden Gardens.

Pakistan batters felt their lives in the oven. This is a wicket where even the fast bowlers see their ball turning in the name of variations. The spinners were making so much turn on the ball and they were absolutely unplayable.

Pakistan and India surely do not deserve their game to be played on such a wicket. The ball was not coming to the ball and also there was a lot of turn on it.

Pakistan somehow has managed to get 118 and now it will be up to their bowling. Pakistan will have to get India out. It is their only chance to win this one. If India bats for their 18 overs then they are the winners for sure.

They have taken down the two openers which are really a plus point but still the length from the fast bowlers is not the ideal. Amir is the only one who has made the ball talk one again.

In the post-game talk, Afridi admitted his mistakes saying that he did not read the pitch well and hence dropping out Imad became a wrong move. Dhoni on the other hand also admitted that he did not know that pitch will turn this much. Afridi also said that his boys will fight hard in rest of the two games and will make a comeback once again.