Sarfraz brilliant 38 under pressure

Sarfraz brilliant 38 under pressure


Sri Lanka ends up their innings at 150 and not it is Pakistan’s turn to go in and take their chances in order to get to this total. Looking at the batting form the Pakistan team has there are 90% chances that they will lose this one again but cricket is a strange game and anything is possible.

Hafeez and Sharjeel will matter the most. Hafeez is a senior player while Sharjeel has the ability to hit the ball hard and long but this is not a wicket on which you can free your arms anytime. You have to give yourself some time in the middle.

This is what Pakistan missed in the first three games. The batsmen did not spend much time on the crease.they used to come in and straight away tried to hit the ball hard. This was never the model to play on these tracks.

The results were then seen as Pakistan lost 2 of their last three games and won only against UAE and that too thanks to Malik and Umar who hit the fifties to save the day. Here the approach will be the same. Spend some time in the center and then try to hit a few.

Dilshan and Chandimal did the same thing and were able to score some decent runs. Pakistan will have to do the very same here. Pakistan has to come up with some solutions regarding their batting. There are no technical issues with the batters. They are suffering from a mental block and hardly someone is paying any attention to this issue.

For Pakistan Sarfraz has done the same job. He might score just 38 but ensure Pakistan is ahead of Sri Lanka at this stage. He was excellent on both sides of the wicket and took the beating to the both fast and spin department from Sri Lanka. Sarfraz hit some lovely shots to the fence and his innings has now made a strong chance for Pakistan seal this one.
A team who was taking wickets and bowling well is now been hammered for 150 runs here by another weak side Sri Lanka. Pakistan had issues with their batting and we have seen their batters falling apart in the games played before this one.
Amir is the only player who has performed and the fans would have hoped that if he could bat as well. Amit is the only difference here. There is not another player who has shown some skills for Pakistan and the batters are the more responsible.
Pakistan and Sri Lanka are both out of the Asia Cup and the final will be played between India and Bangladesh bu this win in the final pool game will give something to cheer whoever wins it.
Sri Lanka batted well and the openers Chandimal and Dilshan played some lovely shots. both came out with a plan and executed it beautifully. On the other hand, now this is the real batting test once again for Pakistan.

If Pakistan gets to these runs then this will be a highest run chase for them in the tournament and also will be the highest for any team. So Pakistan will try to take this one out. The chances are there as this looks a good batting deck.