Sarfraz Azam surviving obstructing the field appeal

Sarfraz Azam surviving obstructing the field appeal


Sarfraz played one of the best knock in the series for Pakistan so far. Pakistan who is getting a really hard time against the New Zealand lost the first ODI as well. Sarfraz did maintain a respectable position despite the loss.

Sarfraz was in some brilliant touch. He stroked the ball nicely and was always busy in getting his singles and doubles. Sarfraz was however involved in a bit odd situation when the ball hit him when he was returning to his crease after failing to get a single.

Babar hit the ball on the field and tried to scamper a quick single. The fielder was near to the ball hence, he decided no and sent Sarfraz back too. Sarfraz was quite away from the line had to return back quickly. The throw was on its way when all this happened. Sarfraz somehow managed to come in between the line of the throw and the ball hit him. now the New Zealand fielders went or an obstructing the field appeal. They all thought that Sarfraz did it intentionally to stop the ball from hitting the stumps or getting into the keeper’s gloves.

The two umpires had to come close with each other and discuss the whole matter. The third umpire was involved in the incident as well and finally Sarfraz was not given out. Sarfraz did not do it intentionally. It was just his luck that he landed in the line of the ball and hence cannot be given out for this. Sarfraz survived though the kiwis did not look much impressed with the decision.