Sarfraz Ahmad Singing national song, beautiful voice

Sarfraz Ahmad Singing national song, beautiful voice


Pakistan newly appointed Sarfraz Ahmad apart from his cricketing talent and abilities and another quality which his fans might not have known much about. Sarfraz is a wonderful singer and has a very soothing voice.

He was filmed while singing in a party in Karachi. In the past, we have seen Sarfraz reciting a Naat which clearly showed that he I a religious man. Here the patriotism of the young captain of Pakistan can be seen.

He could have sung any movie song which is now a trend but he did not and preferred to sing a national song. Sarfraz Ahmad is a really good choice for the Captain’s role and this decision has been backed by a lot of the cricket fans and experts.

He is young, talented and a real hard worker. He knows is a game and as a result, we have seen a lot of improvement in him. Sarfraz Ahmad is one of the most humble guys in Pakistan national team. Sarfraz also vowed to serve Pakistan cricket in his full capacity.

Sarfraz in his recent interviews which he has given to the media said that he will take the whole team with him. He will not leave any player behind because he feels that it is the basic role of the captain that he should take the team forward in all the ups and downs of the game. Sarfraz also mentioned that he has good relations with all the players, hence he will not feel any problems with them.