Sangakkara skill full run out against Sehwag

Sangakkara skill full run out against Sehwag


Kumar Sangakkara was a batting legend who has made heaps of runs in all three formats of international cricket. He was the Sri Lankan answer to the number 3 spot in the batting order. Sangakkara apart from being a great batsman was also a wonderful wicket keeper.

He came to the Sri Lankan side as a wicket keeper batsman and soon the world saw him emerging in both these fields. The brilliance of Sangakkara could be witnessed here as he made Indian batting giant Virender Sehwag look absolutely clueless in a run out.

This was an ODI played in India, Sehwag was well settled at 46. He cuts a ball to the deep third man fielder and started jogging towards the bowling end to complete a single. Now all this is a routine matter in cricket.

Batsman hits a shot in the deep and then jogs his way to the other end for a single because it takes time for the fielder to collect the ball and then throw it back. The same happened here. Sehwag was on his way and was near to the bowling crease.

Sangakkara collected the throw from the fielder and he just turned back and threw at the non-strikers end. It was a pure GAMBLE and nothing else. Sangakkara had no idea where Sehwag exactly was, the ball hit the stumps and the bails fell off. The Sri Lankan team made an appeal and the third umpire was being called. The replays then showed the Sehwag was an inch or two outside the line when the bails left their position. As a result he was given out.