Sami hits six against Ajmal when Sarfraz asks

Sami hits six against Ajmal when Sarfraz asks


Sami Aslam has developed himself into a very strong opening batsman and it is about time that he should be given a proper chance at the top order in Pakistan cricket team. Sami rocked the show yesterday with a very mature hundred.

When he was in the 40s, Khurram Manzoor celebrated his hundred with him. The dominant factor was Khurram in the partnership between him and Sami. Sami was playing a more orthodox innings.

Sarfraz in the middle stages of the game was seen pointing out to Sami and told him to hit a big shot. At that point, there was hardly any need for this kind of a shot and it is possible that Sarfraz did a joke with his opener.

The run rate was good and Khurram was taking the boards to all parts of the park. At this stage asking Sami to hit a six is hardly understandable.

But Sami saw he signal and he immediately hit Ajmal for a huge hit on the leg side and collected his first maximum. This ball was pitched up to Sami and he bent his back knee and played a strong slog sweep.

The ball hit the middle of the bat and went over the ropes on the full. It was a massive hit from the young man. He obliged the signal from his captain and hit the desired shot. There are chances that Sarfraz was just joking with him that Khurram is hitting so many boundaries and Sami should hit a few too. It was quite an interesting situation in the middle.