Rizwan the big star – Great Catches Taken By Rizwan – Muhammad...

Rizwan the big star – Great Catches Taken By Rizwan – Muhammad Rizwan 3 Catches against Sri Lanka


Muhammad Rizwan may have missed a sow before in the match when he dropped Siriwardane on a very difficult chance before but this time the second one coming a way lot easier than the first Rizwan didn’t miss the opportunity and took it down cleanly. Siri went for one shot to many and though he had hit 2 fours and a six before this time he edged it and the ball went high in the air.

The ball was there to be hit from Rahat no doubt about that. It was fuller and outside the off stump but Siri couldn’t hold on to it. The bat turned in his hands and in result he couldn’t execute a proper shot and the ball went high in the air and Rizwan standing at point shouted for it before anybody moved for the catch. The ball went in the air near the wicket so it could have been anybody’s catch. Rizwan was there, Rahat himself could have taken it and also Sarfraz was the other contender as well but it was Rizwan who yelled for it and went under it. The ball was moving around in the air due to the strong breeze flowing through the air. Rizwan did the right thing and kept his eyes on the ball till the last moment and had to leap forward right at the end of the effort and took it down easily. Another fantastic effort from the young man who is really putting in his every effort in the fields and raising some new levels.