Rizwan And Malik Bashes Malinga for 21 Runs, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka...

Rizwan And Malik Bashes Malinga for 21 Runs, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka ODI Live


Lasith Malinga is definitely one of those bowlers who struggle against Pakistan which off course is surprising but we have seen him not getting into his normally line and length when it comes to facing Pakistan and the reasons are unknown to even Malinga himself.

He was hit for a 20 runs over in the previous match and even today his continued from where he left and was hit for 21 runs in the last over of the Srilankan bowling innings. Malinga is taken as a club bowler from Rizwan and Shoaib.Malik and Rizwan Hits Malinga for 21 Runs. Another fantastic finish for Pakistan as they took Malinga for 21 overs in the last over of their batting innings. Malinga has been taken for plenty of runs this series and in the previous match he gave away more than 20 runs in over as well. First Rizwan who faced the first three balls of the over bent hit knee and hit him deep into the mid-wicket area for a six. A brilliant execution from the little fellow who made sure that the ball doesn’t fall in the playing area. On the very next ball Rizwan played a superb cheeky shot when he just moved across and showed the ball his bat and scooped it over the short fine leg for another boundary. The third ball ended with a single and came Shoaib Malik on strike.
The fourth ball ended down to leg side with a one bounce four courtesy a big pull shot from Malik. The next ball was a yorker which Malik delicately paced down to leg side and the two batsmen ran for a double. The last ball was another amazing hit from Malik. It was fuller length ball which Malik hit over the covers and the ball bounced over the ropes for a four. It was a best finish for Pakistan as they collected 21 runs from Malinga’s over. Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI Live, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI Live.