Razzaq blames Waqar Younus for team problems

Razzaq blames Waqar Younus for team problems


Abdul Razzaq has been one of the best all-rounders produced I international cricket and certainly in Pakistan. He alongside Azhar Mehmood did a great job in the late 90s till mid of 2000. Then Razzaq has dropped off the team.

It was Waqar’s tenure as the head coach and Razzaq did make a comeback in the team but he was never that fit nor he was performing well enough to sustain his spot in the international arena and hence was dropped off again.

Razzaq still believes that Waqar Younis was the man who ended his career. Razzaq on a TV show called Waqar the root cause of the problems the team is facing. He said that Waqar always maintains a distance and as a result the players don’t feel comfortable in talking to him.

He also said that he never understands that twice Waqar has been tested as the head coach and twice he was sacked but then again PCB has made him as a head coach. This is not a good policy from the PCB. Waqar has to change a lot of things, Razzaq said.

There is a lot of pressure on the players to perform and in this condition if the coach puts an extra pressure on them then how will they perform. Razzaq did not mention anything towards PCB. He said that he PCB offers him any coaching role in the future then surely he will accept it and hence he did not put much blame on PCB and only targeted Waqar.