PSL promo hits the audience on a high note

PSL promo hits the audience on a high note


PSL have launched their promo and it has been receiving a warm welcome since the time it has hit different TV channels. The promo has Ali Zafar stating in it with a metal guitar strapped on his back, Ali Zafar is the rock star of Pakistan and hence he should have been a part of his promo. The promo starts while showing kids playing street cricket and if you live in Pakistan then you surely know what street cricket means because this is the fundamental place from where all the legends in Pakistan had started playing their cricket.

Imran Khan and Wasim Akram used to play street cricket in Lahore. Then and was part of the street cricket in Karachi and many other also played street crickets in their native cities. So street cricket is a benchmark for Pakistan cricket. PSL will start on 4th February and already the excitement has reached its peak. People are eager to watch the local and international players in action in PSL. All the teams have reached UAE where PSL games will be played.

PSL will be hosted in Dubai and Sharjah, two places where there is a lot of Pakistani community and hence there will be a large crowd expected. PSL management has made sure that anything related to PSL is not of low standards. This promo is much better than many of the others presenting different leagues. PSL will feature 5 teams and there will be a combination of local and international key players seen on TV. The stage is almost set and the league will make a lot of noise in international cricket.