Professor Muhammad Hafeez tells everything about fitness problem in WT20

Professor Muhammad Hafeez tells everything about fitness problem in WT20


Talking in a TV talk show, Professor of Pakistan cricket team has revealed everything on his fitness problems in WT20 matches. Muhammad Haffez came under serious torment when Pakistan lost an important match and he was unfit. Pakistan team was not able to advance in the world cup tournament because of that finesse.

Professor came in the TV program to clear his position in front of the entire nation. Many cricket fans were showing a lot of anger on Muhammad Haffez and other players for not playing well in the world cup tournament. Even many players including Haffez were also come under question that they betrayed with Afridi in the world cup.

There has been a lot of gossip that Muhammad Hafeez and other players were grouping against Shahid Afridi in WT20 matches. Professor was the leading convict in the questions because of captaincy issues. Others involved were Ahmed Shahzad and Wahab Riaz in the grouping against Afridi. Entire team was involved shamefully in grouping in important matches and Pakistan lost in the world cup.

Muhammad Haffez was back bone of Pakistan batting in the WT20 tournament. His fitness problems resulted in the Pakistan’s bad fame in the tournament. Professor has always played an important role in Pakistan middle order batting. Especially, when the world cup started, a lot of players were out of form.

Muhammad Hafeez was inform and playing very well before the WT20 tournament. It was expected that he will play well and help his team to lift the world cup. Professor came in the TV program and cleared the confusions about him in front of the nation.