Panyangara hits Campbell on the grill

Panyangara hits Campbell on the grill


Zimbabwean is currently having a close game against the minnows Hong Kong in the first qualifier of the World T20 2016. Zimbabwe made 158 in their allotted 20 over and now are defending their total. Honk Kong have their chances at the moment.
At the start, Zimbabwean played well and batted sensibly. The Hong Kong team did well with the ball but somehow lacked the ability take wickets at regular interval. This made Zimbabwe play their full over and make a decent total.

In the bowling, Panyangara immediately put in the bouncer affect to the Hong Kong opener Campbell. This was short and nasty and Campbell had no idea how to get rid of it. he was clearly in two minds when he ball came near to him.

He made a late call and by that time he ball was already near to his nose. Good thing was that Campbell was wearing a helmet. The ball hit the grill of the helmet and stuck in there. There was no damage done to Campbell. Payangara bowled white one with decent pace as well.

We have seen such incident in the past as well. The bowl bounces the batsman and he makes it too late in reacting to it properly and in time. the ball gets to the helmet and strikes a full blow. But the good thing is that modern helmet was quite strong in resisting the blow and preventing much damage to the batter. In this case, the same happened. Campbell was lucky to have his helmet on.