Pakistan extreme show of dot ball vs NZ

Pakistan extreme show of dot ball vs NZ


It is no surprise to the cricketing world that team Pakistan is the most unpredictable giant team in the history of the sport. The 1 time ODI World Champions and the 1 time world t20 winners keep on surprising both fans and haters in every ICC Major tournament and honest, there is nothing concrete you can ever expect from the Pakistan team. On their day, the greens would dethrone the mightiest of foes, but when things are not going their way, they can come crashing down like a jet with all its engines failed. This is what makes Pakistan so unpredictable, this is a the reality of Pakistan cricket.

The greens build up to the 6th World T20 was the most troubled among all the top 8 Super 10 nations. After having finally been given allowance to take part in the mega event in the India, Pakistan got off to a brilliant star by absolutely mauling a Bangladesh side fresh from their win against the greens not so long ago in the 2016 Asia Cup.

Shahid Afridi was the man of the moment in the bangladesh game, but what followed did not go down as memorable for the Pakistanis. Yet again in their illustrious cricket history, Pakistan lost to India in a World Cup game the losing streak extended from 10-0 to 11-0.

Pakistan were playing a must-win game against New Zealand in the next outing and Afridi’s men had to give the game its all. Watch in the following video how the greens let a golden chance slip away.