ON SCREEN Sami survives despite a good catch by Waller

ON SCREEN Sami survives despite a good catch by Waller


This is a bit unfair for the Zimbabweans or for that matter one can call it a stroke of bad luck for them. Waller takes a brilliant catch but as the case was referred to the third umpire, the final decision came out against the Zimbabweans.

Sami swept the ball to a ball that was pitched up to him by the bowler. The sweep shot did not come out of the middle and went aerial towards the deep on the leg side.

Waller was the fielder stationed and he ran in front and went to the ball and took it inches above the ground. Waller was pretty confident that he has taken the catch cleanly. The two on-field umpires wanted to have a close look on this one.

The catch was then referred upstairs to the third umpire and in the slow motion replays, it seemed to be a legitimate catch. But Ian Gould the third umpire did not look convinced. He was finding it hard to believe that the ball did not touch the ground before Waller taking it in his hands.

Finally, the third umpire gave it not out. The Zimbabweans could not believe it. they thought that they will get the decision in their favor but it did not come out well for them. Afghanistan gets away with this one. This was an important call and they needed to get this wicket in this important game. Commentator Sanjay Manjarekar looked unhappy with the decision as well.