Muhammad Hafeez Takes Pakistan towards sizable total, Live Cricket

Muhammad Hafeez Takes Pakistan towards sizable total, Live Cricket


Muhammad Hafeez has taken Pakistan towards a sizable total of () today in the match against Bangladesh. The Pakistani batsman came to bat a very crucial time when Pakistan had lost the opening batsman at on 26 runs

Muhammad Hafeez has scored 64 runs in his well-played innings. He has faced only 42 Balls in the innings hitting seven classical boundaries. He has also struck 2 sixers today. The batsman on both ends was very much careful in batting after losing an early wicket. The wicket was also supporting the batting instead of giving favor to the bowlers.

The Bangladeshi bowling attack was unable to make any impression on Muhammad Haffez after calming the wicket of Sharjeel Khan Early. Sharjeel lost his wicket to Arafat Sunny when he was batting on 18 runs. Sharjeel started very well but was not able to continue the pace later in his innings.

Coming to the crease, Muhammad Hafeez took some to settle in. Once Hafeez started sighting the ball clearly, he started to smash the ball all around the park. The century plus partnership for the second wicket has put Pakistan team into a very commanding position in the match. The batsmen have played their part by scoring some good shots. Now it comes back to the bowling side to show their class.

No doubt the Batting form of every batsman in the Pakistan team will play a key role in every match. Good form of Muhammad Hafeez has become a good gesture for Pakistan just before the important match against India in Twenty20 world cup event.