MS Dhoni trains his dogs to catch the ball and Playing with...

MS Dhoni trains his dogs to catch the ball and Playing with his daughter Ziva


After being in the limelight for all these years there are a few things we know about MS Dhoni. One his first love is cricket – to serve the country to the best of his ability, second his family and daughter Ziva, third would be the Indian Army, then there are superbikes, cars and amidst all that, his love for the canines goes along all of that. He has a lot of four-legged friends at home and never misses an opportunity to pet one whenever he spots them around the ground.

Dhoni is a man at leisure now having retired from Tests; he has his time at hand and is at home in Ranchi with no immediate international assignments at hand. A couple of days ago he had shared a video on Instagram while playing with his daughter Ziva. The dad who missed the birth of his child finally has time to be with her and enjoy her childhood. Today the former skipper posted another video and this time he was having fun with his dogs.

Not just one but there are three of those. They are on the terrace of his house, he has a ball in hand and he is instructing them. Probably telling them the most important rule in the game – watch the ball. Usually, dogs tend to run to fetch the ball even if you just act like you threw it but these guys have a human like MS Dhoni along and he has taught them not to be tricked so easily.

He just acts to throw it a couple of times they move instinctively but don’t get tricked – they had their eyes on the ball. Then he bumps it on the floor and the dogs finally get to grab the ball.

Watch the video here and we guarantee it will make your day: