MS Dhoni slams 23 runs to Patel, RPSG wins the game in...

MS Dhoni slams 23 runs to Patel, RPSG wins the game in IPL Live


Indian captain MS Dhoni is with an gang. His new IPL team might have not done well enough but the man himself is in staggering form. Today Dhoni hit 23 runs in the final over to take an incredible win for his team against Kings eleven Punjab.
The scenes were worth watching when Dhoni was batting in the final over. Patel was not the right choice made by Murli Vijay. Despite having 23 runs to defend still it was not a job for the spinners. Murli could have gone on for some other option.
Patel first ball was a bit short which Dhoni did pull on the leg side but as the shot was mistimed so there was no power in it and was fielded on the leg side. Patel got a precious dot ball.

The next one was fired down the leg side by Patel and Saha made a splendid effort to stop this one else it would have gone on to hit the fence for four.
Next one was pitched up to Dhoni by Patel with a very little pace on it and this time Dhoni gave it everything. The ball hit the middle and went a long way out of the park. It was a huge hit.

The next ball was pitched short and outside the off stump and it was a certain four but Amla made a breathtaking save on the boundary line. Dhoni did not take anything from this ball thought two runs could have been possible. The final two balls were belted for two huge sixes.