Mohammad Sami last over costs Pakistan match

Mohammad Sami last over costs Pakistan match


Pakistan and Bangladesh fans will be on the edge of their seats here at the moment. The game is going down the wire and with each ball bowled both the teams are trying to get the advantage in the game.
At the moment, Bangladesh has just lost the wicket of Mushfiqur. The former captain was taken by another former captain, Shoaib Malik. This was a tight call. Malik went around the wicket for Mushfiqur.

He gave the ball art of flight and the Bangladesh wicketkeeper went for a reverse sweep. This ball did not hit anything but the body and Malik was certain that he has gotten his man. This was a huge call by Malik and Sarfraz.

The umpire slowly raised his finger and the crowd in Bangladesh went silent once again. Pakistan has taken two important wickets in here. First Amir strikes against Sarkar and now Malik has taken the better of Mushfiqur.

Now a few more wickets are required and if Pakistan keeps things tight in here then they are surely be winning this one. There is a huge pressure on everyone who is watching this game. This will be another thriller as over the looks of the conditions here.

But for that, you don’t have to bowl an over which Mohammad Sami has just bowled. He bowled two no balls in that over and also was hit for a boundary on the last ball and this over has now cost Pakistan the game. Bangladesh throws to the finals of the Asia Cup with India.