Mohammad Rizwan fifty in Zalmi Cup 2016

Mohammad Rizwan fifty in Zalmi Cup 2016


Mohammad Rizwan still has a lot of improving in international cricket. He is a brilliant fielder but in the batting, he has not shown much of a class and talent till yet. In the domestic cricket, he has some strong performances contrary to international cricket.

Rizwan hit fifty in the Zalmi cup which shows that in domestic cricket on these dead pitches he is good but once he faces international oppositions we have seen him panicking a lot.

In the Zalmi cup, Rizwan played really well for his fifty. He hit the ball nicely. His first shot was through the covers. This ball was pitched by the bowler and Rizwan just creamed it on the off side.

The ball was hit in the gap and once it crossed the fielder there was no stopping to it. Rizwan second hit was a slog sweep on the leg side and this time again he managed the gap well. It was hit between square leg and mid-wicket.

The first six from him came on the mid-wicket area. It was a cross batted shot and as the ball was pitch on a bit length so Rizwan took the advantage and blasted it down the leg side.

The second six went straight as a dart. This one was pitched up to him by the spin bowler and Rizwan just hit it with the line of the ball. It went straight and over the ropes on the full. The third hit went over long on. This time, he used his feet to get to the pitch of the ball and heaved the ball into the stands.