KPK team dancing after Pakistan cup final on Champion Song

KPK team dancing after Pakistan cup final on Champion Song


When KPK team was being elected as per the drafts captain Younis Khan and coach Kabir Khan made sure that they select a young team. KPK team had the highest number of youngsters among their ranks and for that they also became the least favorite for the title as well. But Younis Khan leads the team well in the first two games. After that Younis Khan smashed himself into the wall of controversy and left the team in the center of the cup. KPK team was jolted by this series of events but they all remained firm.

Ahmad Shahzad became their new captain and he remained an impressive leader. KPK won their last two games and with that, they qualified for the finals. It was a huge achievement for this young team.

In the final Younis came back after he sorted out is issues with the PCB. They played some excellent cricket in the finals and demolished the Punjab team in all three departments of the game. Punjab had no answer to the KPk team in the finals.

After KPK won the cup the whole team was seen celebrating the win with their captain and coach. There was champion dance seen and then the coach was asked to join the dance which Kabir Khan had to accept at the end.

He was lifted up by the players. Younis too looked a lot happy with the proceedings. It was really a huge moment for this team. they played some excellent cricket throughout the tournament and they remained impressive with their general ethics.