Kohli talks about Relationship with Pakistan Player

Kohli talks about Relationship with Pakistan Player


Kohli talks about Pakistan India dressing rooms relations

Indian batting dynamo Virat Kohli has said that India-Pakistan games are tense only to the general public. The players don’t feel any heat between them. There is always a good relation maintained between the two teams.
In his latest interview Virat Kohli said that he used to feel the same like the general public at the start of his career but then he met the Pakistani players and that changed his mindset.
Pakistan cricket is not in good shape these days. PCB has made a few good moves but it will all depend on his outcomes of these moves. The new ODI rankings are a worrying sign as Pakistan is not at number 9 in the new rankings.

If Pakistan does not improve their rankings and falls in the first 7 teams till 30 September 2017 then they will not automatically qualify for the World cup 2019. They will play the qualifiers for the cup and only then they can get into the main round.

In the past, we have seen that Pakistan produced a lot of good bowlers. They have some good batsmen but overall were considered a strong bowling team with decent batting.