Junaid and Amir bowling comparison against India

Junaid and Amir bowling comparison against India


Pakistan is a land that has been awarded a lot of fast bowlers in the pasts and even now we have a breed of new bowlers who are making havocs in the international cricket. Junaid Khan and Mohammad Amir are two of them.

Junaid Khan and Amir produced some exceptional bowling performances against India in the recent past. If we look at the comparison of these two performances and it is really a hard call to make the winner among the two.

First is Junaid bowling in India against the hosts and he first hit the stumps of Sehwag. This ball hit the line of the off stump and came back sharp and Sehwag left a huge gap between is bat and pad and the wickets shattered he next moment.

Kohli went out next. Same ball and Kohli played the same shot like Sehwag and lost his wickets as well. Sharma was caught in the slips and this time, Junaid bowled an outswing. This clearly showed when the ball swings then Pakistani bowlers are at their best.

Last night Amir showed his lethal nest with the ball. He was all over the Indian batters from the first over. On the first ball, he almost got Sharma lbw but the umpire did not agree with him. on the next he made him agree.

Rahane met the same fate. This time, again Amir swung the ball after pitching it in line with the stumps and Rahane fell for it. Raina edged the ball to Wahab at mid-on. This indicated that the movement in the pitch in Bangladesh will help Amir a lot and he will the danger for all the batters.