Inzamam beating Indian fan in Sahara Cup

Inzamam beating Indian fan in Sahara Cup


Back in 1997 Pakistan and India were playing an ODI series in Canada. This cup was titled as the Sahara Cup. In that ODI, a very bizarre incident took place when Pakistani middle order batsman Inzamam Ul Haq went into the crowd and beat an Indian fan.
Inzamam could be seen here beating the Indian fan and then coming down stairs. After that, the Indian fan follows him back as Inzamam enters the ground again. He threw his speaker phone at Inzamam and an angry Inzamam took the bat from a fielder and went back at the fan.

Before Inzamam could blow him out the police grabbed Inzamam and the fan as well. now the real narration of this incident is that Inzamam was fielding near the boundary when this fan started mocking Inzamam calling him a potato.

Inzamam tried to control his nerves but could and he asked the 12th and to bring a bat for him. in the meantime, Inzamam went upstairs as there was no fence present at the boundary and beaten the Indian fan.

This was an ugly incident and Inzamam had to face the law in Canada for his actions. As per Wasim Akram, the fault was with that cricket fan who should have thought before speaking and he insulted Inzamam by calling him a potato.

Inzamam never talked about the incident much. Even the footages were hardly seen but here are the clear visual graphics of the whole incident. There is no doubt in the mind of the people that had there been not police Inzamam could have devastated that Indian fan with his bat.