Herd making in cricket was given by Pakistan

Herd making in cricket was given by Pakistan


Former captain and wicket-keeper batsman of Pakistan Rashid Latif has revealed a very interesting fact in a TV show which is especially broadcasted to cover Asia Cup. Rashid Latif along with former Pakistan off-spinner Saqlain Mushtaq and Indian middle order batsman Ajay Jadeja are the in the experts panel of this show.

Latif said that we all who are fans of cricket have seen for many years now that whenever a team gets a wicket, all the players come running in towards the center and celebrate the fall of wicket near to the pitch. He said that this herd making is invented by Pakistan in international cricket.

Before this, the English and Australia players use to wave to the bowler and fielder when they take out a wicket and never gathered together but Pakistan cricket team started this new practice that they used to group together every time someone used to take a wicket.

He further said that later this practice was adopted by the English and Australian players and after few year we saw the Australians becoming might strong in cricket. This is what they achieved from coming together like Pakistan.

Later it was also revealed that this herd making idea was taken from hockey. We are talking about the early 80s here when Pakistan started it. In those years, the hockey players used to celebrate a goal by making a herd. This idea looked unique to the Pakistan cricket team and they adapted it and soon the whole international cricket adapted it till now.