Hasan gets Fernando, brilliant catch by Zeeshan

Hasan gets Fernando, brilliant catch by Zeeshan


Hasan Mohsin is on a roll here in the Under-19 world cup for Pakistan. The young lad first delivers with the bat and scored a massive 86 off 86 balls to help his team from the initial troubles they faced after losing three early wickets. Now Hasan is showing his magic with the ball. He has taken the Srilankan opener Fernando down to slips and Zeeshan who is the stand-in captain has taken a blinder.

This was a beautiful ball by Mohsin. The new ball hit the deck with the seam in an upright position. The ball moved away from the batsman after hitting the pitch and Fernando, who tried to cover the line and length of the ball with a defensive shot clearly missed out the away movement. The ball hit the edge and went low to Zeeshan at first slip. Zeeshan had to make a quality effort to grab the ball which at the end he did. Both the umpires converged and asked for a help from the third umpire though the soft indication from the umpire on the ground was that it was not out.

The replays showed that there were absolutely wrong. Zeeshan left hand was under the ball when it went towards him and as per the modern day camera work it was clear that Zeeshan has taken it neatly. After watching an a few shots, the third umpire gave that out. The first blow from Pakistan as Hasan took the important wicket of Fernando down in the early part of the innings.