Guptill hits a six and then gets out, Live Cricket, World T20...

Guptill hits a six and then gets out, Live Cricket, World T20 Live


There you go, all cricket fans, the mega event has just started and the first game of the tournament is on its way. Hosts India is taking on the 2015 ODI world cup finalists New Zealand and this one will be a cliffhanger for both the sides.

The pitch looks good and as a typical Indian track, it will assist the batters in both the innings. Taking about New Zealand first, they are have been in some ravishing form since many months now. In all the three formats of the game, New Zealand has played some exciting cricketing and to some huge number of games.

They have a complete depth in their batting and a lot of variations in their bowling line. New Zealand has the pinch hitters who can hit out at any stage of the game. the interesting thing is that new Zealand team does not rely on one player.

On the other hand team, India is one batting giant. The first thing that comes into mind when we hear team India is their batting. Indian batting has so much strength in their batting that they can neutralize their opponents great batting, bowling and fielding efforts. This is the strength of the Indian batting line.

Fr the moment Martin Guptill has given a dramatic start here. he has hit the first ball for a straight six and then on the second one gets himself lbw. Plenty of action here. Ashwin tossed one up and Guptill went through the line and hit it straight. On the very next ball, he tries a slog sweep and gets lbw.